4 Spirits Bourbon Whiskey: A Special Tribute

4 Spirits Bourbon Whiskey combines smooth, ample notes of vanilla and caramel. This award winning whiskey can be enjoyed on the rocks or in your favorite mixed drink.

4 Spirits Bourbon Whiskey is a hand selected bourbon from Indiana. Once it’s brought here to Oregon where it continues to age in our unique Northwest climate, we put it through a series of top secret steps to redefine and improve upon it’s flavor without disqualifying it as a bourbon. It’s designed to be smooth and subtle, palatable for any whiskey drinker or first timer. The bold flavors of vanilla, caramel and spice give it that perfect combination of rich flavor and smoothness.

In addition to it’s amazing quality, at 4 Spirits Distillery we are very passionate about giving back to our community and local veteran services in Oregon and other states where we are sold. What became a mission a long time ago has slowly become a reality with the release of our bourbon whiskey, with a portion of our proceeds going to help veterans of foreign wars and their families. Within our first year of release, a minimum of 10% of the proceeds have been donated to various veteran charities around the state of Oregon, especially those that assist with reintegration services. As a new distillery, we are very proud to be giving back after one year in business and we plan to contribute an increasing percentage as we grow our brand. As of 2014, 4 Spirits Whiskey is now being distributed in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. As with Oregon, at least 10% of the proceeds will be donated to veteran programs throughout these new states.

Our sales will be compiled quarterly, and a donation will be made after the completion of each quarter. After the funds are disseminated to the various veteran charities, we will post specifics on who received funds, as well as how much was received.

It’s very important to us that we share charitable information with all of our whiskey drinkin’, veteran supporting fans in regards to the purchase of 4 Spirits Bourbon Whiskey. If you’re as passionate as I am about this, you’ll understand and appreciate our transparency regarding where our money goes, who it goes to, and how much is donated. We are not a foundation and there is no application process. I have many contacts involved with Oregon veteran programs that have informed me about their various missions, and there are many great services to choose from. If you have a program or charity that you’d like to see a portion of our funds go to in any state where we are sold, please let me know. As we all know, the need is always greater than the services we have available. We’ll do our best over time to help with as many programs as possible.

Thank you for your purchase of 4 Spirits Bourbon Whiskey and your support of our small Oregon distillery.
Dawson Officer
Owner/Distiller, Veteran

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