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Behind The Name

Behind The Name

So, why “4 Spirits Distillery?” Many people think it relates to four different kinds of liquors that will be produced at my distillery.

This definitely is in the long-term business plan, and we will ultimately work to develop and distribute a martini-grade Vodka, Rum, Whiskey and whatever other distilled spirits that may inspire us.

The true story, however, is so much more meaningful. I read a poll sometime in 2009 stating that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were rated as very low concerns to the American public at that time.

Jobs, the economy and several other topics dominated the polls and left the foreign wars at a disappointing 1% of public concern. I felt compelled to do something about this lack of regard for our patriotic duties and send a reminder to everyone that the wars are still far from over. Many soldiers are still overseas fighting for our country to this day.

After their tours are complete, they will come home to a whole new set of challenges while facing reintegration into their former civilian lives; a much different world than what was all-encompassing to them for so long at war.

Because of this, I have dedicated the distillery to all U.S war veterans and active service members so that we should never forget their service and their sacrifice to our country. More specifically and on a very personal level, I have dedicated the distillery to the casualties of four combat soldiers who I served with in the Oregon National Guard 2 Battalion, 162 Infantry Brigade. They are Lt. Erik McCrae, Sgt. Justin Linden, Sgt. Justin Eyerly and Sgt. David Roustum. These four men lost their lives in 2004 serving in Baghdad, Iraq. We were combat soldiers at that time and fought side by side with each other in Delta Co. 2-162 Infantry. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see their faces and think about their loss, and the events before and after their service to this country. I will forever honor their courage and sacrifice.