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4 Spirits Character Labels- Vodka


Which side will you choose?!

Hand-crafted in small batches from grain, all of our vodkas offer a subtle, clean finish and are amazingly smooth and enjoyable. The versatility of our vodka means that you can enjoy it in almost any cocktail or martini, sweet or savory. The only question is…which bottle will you choose?


Early inhabitants of the Puget Sound area believed that the Cougars carried fire and caused many forest fires while roaming between the mountains. Because of this, these native animals were officially dubbed the FireCats.


In 1919, the Sun Dodgers briefly joined the Pacific NW college mascots. Due to the drizzly Seattle climate they were officially portrayed by “Sonny Boy”, a spry student and his umbrella. In 1922, the Sun Dodgers were changed to the Huskies and still prevail today.

Spirits are re-distilled locally in Benton County. We use on the purest water from the hear tof the wilamette valley to blend with this fine vodka. Enjoy the smoothness of this product either on ice or in your favorite cocktail