Silver Rum
4 Spirits Silver Rum is distilled from high-grade molasses and sugar cane. This rum aims to please with its complex, full-bodied sweetness and subtle hints of passion fruit.

Spiced Rum
Our 4 Spirits Spiced Rum is unique because of its perfect combination of sweet and spice. Steeped in whole spices, you’ll taste the vibrant flavors of vanilla, clove, cinnamon and even notes of banana and butterscotch.

Habanero Spiced Rum
We took our 4 Spirits Spiced Rum to the next level. Steeped with a variety of spices, then infused with habanero peppers to create a unique taste with notes of vanilla, nutmeg and a subtle, smooth spicy finish.

Dark Rum
4 Spirits Dark Rum is a pure rum that comes straight from New American Oak Barrels and has no additives. With almost whiskey-like qualities, the naturally sweet rum has complex notes of caramel, ripe fruit and a deep oaky finish.