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About Us

About Us

A long time ago as I was enjoying a glass of my favorite whiskey on the rocks, I pondered what it might be like to create my own unique whiskey and what it would be like to share my creation with other people who enjoy the taste of good liquor. Some liquor has proved to be good but not great, and others were missing a critical element, but I couldn’t quite figure out what. What I did believe was that if I could produce my own liquor, the taste could be perfected by carefully distilling with a finer quality which is so important to developing the ideal taste. Was this a conceivable vision I wondered, and how would I go about developing this idea?

After doing some research I talked it over with family and friends and discussed possibilities of starting my own local distillery. I knew it would be a long road faced with many challenges but a huge opportunity to start up something from the ground floor and to build a local craft distillery that would offer quality spirits to be thoroughly enjoyed.

In college I attended inspiring entrepreneurial classes and have worked in the finance world for quite some time. I believed that I had what it would take to create a business from scratch and to truly make it something special. I decided to take my vision a step further.

In late 2009, I began creating a business plan; saving money and studying the art of becoming a craft distiller. I immersed myself in research, talked with a number of very informative people in the trade and then felt ready to begin the process in early 2010. Finally, a year later, I was ready to open the doors to 4 Spirits Distillery. Taking on this task alone seemed a little extreme to people, but my ambition for this trade and my vision prevailed. I felt if I prioritized each process and budgeted wisely I could pull it off. I soon discovered it wasn’t quite so simple.

Upon receiving permits and licenses from the federal, state and local agencies I relied heavily on the wisdom from a number of people, for the first time since I launched my plan. Family, friends and professional figures in the community began to express interest, lent support, and truly helped things come together. They offered their enthusiasm, their talents and opinions and above all, their encouragement to not give up. A wide variety of services were openly shared and contributed towards my efforts including artwork, vocational assistance, construction, graphic design and much more. I am so grateful to everyone who pitched in and helped to make this dream become a reality. It was a long haul and wouldn’t have been possible without this much needed support.

Camp Adair History

They called it “Swamp Adair”

During World War II, enlisted men from all 48 states came to an army cantonment–temporary quarters for troops–called Camp Adair.

The camp was located in the mid-Willamette Valley six miles north of Corvallis, Oregon.

From 1942 to 1944, over 100,000 soldiers trained for combat at Camp Adair. About 34,000 of those soldiers trained with infantry divisions.

Camp Adair had an impact on the lives of the soldiers sent there, on the land and people of Benton County, and on the regional economy. More…