Fermented and distilled in-house from high-grade molasses and sugarcane, this rum aims to please with complex, full-bodied sweetness and subtle hints of passion fruit.
Recently released with great praise, this small-batch whiskey is distilled onsite from pure Malted Barley, aged in new American Oak and stands apart with round, full and complex flavors.
The spicy cousin, this version of our award-winning spiced rum is kicked up with a raw Habanero, Serrano and Jalapeno infusion!
This true spiced rum is hand steeped at 4 Spirits with a large blend of whole, organic spices to create the perfect combination of sweet and spice.
4 Spirits Dark Rum is a pure rum, made from scratch that comes straight from our New American Oak Barrels and has no additives.
A very special tribute and the first of our whiskey releases, this sip-worthy bourbon tells the story behind our company, and is a nod to remember the four spirits to which our distillery is named.
Aged 3 years in used barrels, this almost 100% corn distillate gives off a youthful sweetness, floral overtones and subtle fruity notes.
Our classic crisp, clean vodka has been the testimony behind our brand since 2011.
4 Spirits’ original claim to fame! These fun and unique bottles represent the civil rivalry between the Beavers and the Ducks in Oregon!